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Antalya which is the capitol of tourism, attracts 41% of people who visit Turkey every year. Because of its mild climate, touristic activities continue all through the year. Alanya which is a township of Antalya is famous because of its Citadel, The Red Tower (Kızıl Kule ), its beaches and Caverns.


Citadel of Alanya

It takes place on the peninsula next to the city centre. It has an altitude of 250 mt, and composed of inner, middle and outer parts. The citadel was renovated several times, the most important realized by the Seljukids in 1226. The settlement inside the Citadel had begun in Hellenistic period and continued through Roman, Byzantian, Seljuk and Ottoman periods. Now it welcomes all the visitors.


The Red Tower

It is a Seljukid structure, constructed to defend the nearby dockyard in 1226 by Alaeddin Keykubad, the important Seljukid Sultan. It is about 33 metres high, and the central part of it is made as a cistern. Some parts were renovated during nineteen thirties, and well preserved up today. It is used as an Etnographic Museum today.


The Dockyard

It is an important one constructed by Seljukids in 1228. It points out the importance given to marine affairs in that time. The water depth is 40- 57 metres and capacity of the dockyard enables the construction of 5 ships at the same time.

Damlataş Cavern

It is open for visits till 1948. 
It is a small cavern in the city center. The inside temperature is 22-24 ºC and humidity is % 95 throughout the year.


Dim Cavern

It was first realized in 1986 and is open for visit till 1999. This cavern is 360 metres long, being one of the longest in Turkey. The inside temperature is 18-19 ºC and humidity is about % 90 all through the year. There are wonderful stalagmites and stalactites at both sides of the pathway, ending up with a pond. Dim Cavern welcomes increasing number of visitors every day from different countries. There is also a very modern telescope outside the Cavern by which you can observe the beautiful environment.


Dim Stream Restaurants

There are a lot of restaurants along Dim stream where you can eat fresh fish, seated in chairs placed just inside the shallow parts of the stream.

Climate and Beaches

Alanya has a temperate climate during summer period hot and dry; during winter period warm and rainy. The avarage temperature is 20 ºC through the year enabling sea-baths for about 10 months. There are sandy beaches around the city totally around 20 km. long.


Antalya-Alanya highway is 134 km., passing through touristic places. Antalya is connected to other parts of Anatolia with highways, and it has an International Airport (which is 125 km. to Alanya) Antalya and Alanya also have marinas.